Why Vaporize Herbs Instead Of Smoking Herbs

Why Vaporize Herbs Instead of Smoking Herbs?

Less Product Usage

  • Due to lower temperature control when you vaporizer your cannabis, your cannabis product will be able to last longer rather than smoking it through a joint or pipe.
  • High temperatures from smoking from a joint or pipe can combust your product in a much shorter time and at higher temperatures having your product burn much faster.
  • This leads to having to use more cannabis product to get the desired effects.
  • It may cost more to initially buy a vaporizer but you will be able to save money by getting the most out of your cannabis when vaping.
  • Simple but you get the most out of the cannabis you buy and you do not need to use as much to feel the desired effects.

Tasting The Strain:

  • The higher temperatures of smoking from a joint, bong, or pipe burn off many of the desired effects of cannabis products.
  • This gives a more generic effect for the smoker. This is why many cannabis smokers when vaping start to notice more distinguished properties from there cannabis strains.

Vapor Instead of Smoke:

  • Vaporizers turn cannabis products and other herbs into a combination of warm vapors and active medical ingredients in the cannabis strain.
  • Although we are not physicians, many people who have switch to vaping cannabis say they feel healthier physically and do not feel the heavy lung effect that many cannabis smokers do.

Cleaner Taste

Vaporizing cannabis provides a different cleaner taste than smoking from a bong, pipe, or a joint.
The after taste left in your mouth does not linger as long as smoking cannabis would in many cases.

The Smell Does Not Stick To You

When you smoke cannabis through a bong, pipe, or joint the smell of the smoke often sticks to your clothes, hands, breath and sometimes even your furniture.

Although vaporizing cannabis can have some retention of smell after use, the smell is only a fraction of what cannabis smoked through a bong, pipe, or joint will have.


After smoking a joint you are left the small sticky leftovers of the cigarette called a ROACH.
The ROACH is full of resin, and pollutants and a lot of people re-roll this ROACHES to form a ROACH JOINT or they put it into a pipe, or bong.

Roach joints can leave an exceptionally undesirable Smokey taste and are much harder on your lungs and throat.
With Vaporizers the residue remaining is called AVB (Already Vaporized Bud).

AVB collected after vaporizing can be ingested in a way that helps reuse the remaining bud of the cannabis product.
It can be made into butter, jams, sandwiches, baked goods, and teas.

Tax Deduction

In Canada if you have a Medical Marijuana Card your Dry Herb Vaporizer could be considered a write off on your taxes. Talk to your accountant for more information!

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