The Movement

We are excited to be hailing in this new era for cannabis in our great country Canada!

With it comes challenges we must overcome together, not only for our country but for the cannabis industry, we are on the global stage let’s get this right.

We are very active within the industry trying to solve problems by creating solutions for lovers and haters of cannabis alike. The most common concerns we hear is smell complaints, normalization and glorification of smoking with this next generation. As we all know smoking of any kind including cannabis releases harmful toxins into our bodies.

We have come up with a solution that is respectful towards our neighbors and community (the Canadian way) allowing you to consume cannabis without the odours and as discreetly as possible allowing you total peace of mind. True lovers of cannabis will enjoy this healthier, clean, pure and refreshingly new experience.

We can honesty say once you experience the right vape for your lifestyle, you will never want to go back to smoking or combusting cannabis again. You will notice savings immediately as this new era of vaporizers require less bud and offer phenomenal results, offering a great return in a brief period of time.

We are a growing movement connecting cannabis consumers with each other to experience vaping in a whole new way while Providing an opportunity to be reward for sparking the change they want to see in the world.

InHail Vaping connects people with the right products promoting healthier ways to consume Cannabis. We offer the biggest brands at the best prices.

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