InHail Vaping Inc Affiliate Marketing Agreement


Who Is This Agreement For?

Anyone who is a sole proprietor/self-employed or persons acting on behalf of a separate corporation that promoted and markets product for InHail Vaping Inc. This can be done through whole sale, promotions, or Gift Cards provide by InHail Vaping Inc.

For clarification the term “Contractor” will be used to explain sales and marketing representatives that are not employed directly by InHail Vaping Inc.

The term “InHail Vaping Representative” refers to any owner or designated Manager/Employee that is given consent from upper management to make managerial decisions on behalf of InHail Vaping Inc.


Important Notice

Even though you are a contractor contracted by InHail Vaping Inc you are still obliged to follow InHail Vaping Inc code of conduct and terms of service outlined in this agreement. If any practice stated in this agreement is to conflict with the contractor’s own companies policies, it shall be notified to InHail Vaping Inc before signing this agreement and consent from an InHail Vaping Inc manager is required.

Any deviation of the rules and responsibilities may result in immediate dismissal of this contract with or without notice at the discretion of InHail Vaping Inc or its representatives.


 Illegal Behaviour

All contractors are absolutely required to follow all Federal, Provincial/State, and Municipal laws and Bi-laws when representing InHail Vaping Inc. If any damage to reputation has occurred the contractor maybe held personable liable and responsible for compensating InHail Vaping Inc.


Use of Demonstration Products

The contractor may be given a wholesale price on InHail Vaping Products. It is not advised to use the products for any illegal activities. It is also not allowed and potentially harmful to use or promote use of any vaping materials that are not made for its intended use.

The contractor is also not allowed to re-configure or promote reconfiguring of any vapes purchased from InHail Vaping Inc to make it modified in anyway. This practice can be extremely dangerous for people and will not be allowed by any contractor representing InHail Vaping Inc.

It is expected that the contractor cleans and maintains his demo devices and accessories on a regular bases and after each use. No sales contractor should demonstrate a product that is dirty, broker/damaged, or not at optimal use. Demonstration use of the contractor’s device is at the risk of the contractor.


Resale of Unused Demonstration Products

Demonstration products sold by InHail Vaping Inc are intended for demonstration purposes by the contractor to facilitate the sale on behalf of InHail Vaping Inc. Any reselling of demonstration products in the association with InHail Vaping Inc by the contractor is prohibited.

Refund Policy for Affiliate Sales Representatives (Contractors)

Any unused or  un-open demonstration products are to be returned to Inhail Vaping Inc for a refund at its purchased rate. The receipt must be kept by the contractor and emailed to along with the reasons for the return before the item is to be shipped. Return shipping will be the responsibility of the contractor and if not paid directly will be deducted off the refunded price.

Refunds can take time and will at best effort be given back to the contractor within 30 days of receiving the returned item(s).

If a replacement is wanted by a contractor due to damage occurring, our refund policy for our regular customer applies to this agreement and is available to view at

Age Restrictions

Our company policy requires us to not sell any products to any person(s) under the age of 19. All contractors must not facilitate, promote, or demonstrate the use of InHail Vaping Inc products to anyone under the age of 19.

The affiliate marketers themselves must be 19 year or older in Canada. InHail Vaping Requires ID verification checks by contractors for all potential customers they are selling to before these customers view or test any demonstration products.

No minors should be accompanied in the area of sale where our products are being used.

Medical Considerations

We do not condone advertising or marketing directly to customers who might be considered to be at risk for developing any potential health deterioration from the use of our products. We recommend that all our contractors inform customers that if they have respiratory tract issues, lung disease of any kind, heart conditions, or severe respiratory allergies that they should consult a physician before testing any vaporizer products.

Marketing Restrictions

Contractors must not use any unprofessional behaviour illegal or legal, that does not correlate to the brand InHail Vaping inc wants to promote and be recognized for.

These include:

  • Any pornographic or sexual suggestive behaviour.
  • Any slander, hate speech, or derogatory comments directed at InHail Vaping inc or any other person, product or company while representing InHail Vaping inc.
  • Promoting our products as a health product or any violations stated in accordance to the Tobacco act of Canada for vaping. Any statements about benefits regarding healthier consumption/use must be made from a personal experience or on behalf of the contractor’s personal views and not InHail Vaping inc. Using the terms “from my personal experience…” before stating anything regarding health benefits from the use of our products is recommended.
  • Promoting with intensions to specifically appeal to minors or anyone under the age of 19.
  • Promoting any marketing in any location that is restricted by any Federal, Provincial/State, or Municipal laws and Bi-laws for the use of our products.
  • Any promotion of illegal activity while representing InHail Vaping Inc.
  • Selling to anyone that is intoxicated and unable to soberly represent themselves as a consumer.
  • Promote modifications of our products.
  • Promote any use of our product that is not intended by the manufacturer or InHail Vaping Inc.
  • Displaying violence and aggression to any customer while representing InHail Vaping Inc.
  • Be intoxicated around any potential customer while representing InHail Vaping Inc.

Contractors are to market at their own risk and InHail Vaping Inc is not responsible for any illegal marketing or sales practices.

Payment of Commissions to Contractors

Payment will be paid to contractors on a Semi-Monthly bases. No payment will be made to contractors until the customer who uses their promotion has received there items. We will keep records of sales being assisted by our contractors and InHail Vaping inc will do its best to pay all amounts owed to contractors at cut-off times. The minimum payout amount is $10 when money owed to a contractor does not exceed $10 InHail Vaping Inc will not dispense funds.

On occasion retail payments take longer to process and collect on from InHail Vaping Inc due to circumstances InHail Vaping Cannot control. No payment will be process on sales to a contractor if the sale is not verified to be completed and conducted by the contractor. Any payment not processed by InHail Vaping Inc at the time of payment cut-off will be paid to the contractor on the next available pay cycle.

Any problems with payment can be addressed to

Method of payment will be completed through E-transfer or direct deposit to contractors.

Event Hosting

On occasion contractors may be offered the ability to host an event organised by InHail Vaping inc in order to help market gain sales for the contractor. These events will be communicated to the sales contractor via email or phone. It is expected that the contractor shows up at the agreed upon time they agree to show up or earlier.

The contractor is allowed and encouraged to host their own events representing InHail Vaping inc as long as they are abiding by all terms in this contract and all other policies on



When marketing or demonstration a vaporizer product for InHail Vaping Inc it is imperative that all contractors keep all devices display and demonstration items clean and in top condition. The contractor is responsible for keeping screen, chamber, mouthpieces or any other replaceable parts in good condition.

When demonstrating products on behalf of InHail Vaping Inc; saliva should not be shared amongst person to person. Saliva can contain many harmful viruses and bacteria that can potentially result in severe illness.

When representing InHail Vaping inc Contractors and Sales Representative should wipe down a mouth piece with a biologically safe disinfectant wipe, wait 20-30 seconds for it to dry and let disinfect, than wipe it down with paper towel or a clean cloth.

Commission Rates Subject to Change

Commission rates for contract affiliate marketers are subjected to immediate change without notice. Although we will not issue changes in commission rates without reason, InHail Vaping Inc does not need to disclose such reason to the sales contractor. InHail Vaping Inc calculates its rates based of numerous factors such as import fees and duties, shipping, manufacturer rates etc. Some of these rates are subject to change without notice which might recall immediate adjustments on product commissions for contractors.

That being said our goal is to provide a motivational and competitive financial experience possible for our affiliate marketers. We do not under no circumstances pay a percentage of sales. All commissions are a flat rate fee paid to contractors designated to that specific product’s commission rate.

Expected Behaviour

It is expected that contractors are to act in a professional manner when representing InHail Vaping Inc. This includes maintaining a positive attitude, show no aggression or anger, be in control of their emotions, and be courteous and respectful to all potential customers.

InHail Vaping Inc does not condone contractors being intoxicated while promoting our products, or vaping, ingesting or smoking other customer’s product. InHail Vaping Inc does not condone any illegal activities to be conducted by its contractors or customers.