Losing Your Home From A Cigarette (Edmonton Apartment Fire)

On July 29th, 2018 a fire erupted that forced dozens of people out of their homes on an early Sunday morning in the Monticello Apartment Complex in Edmonton. The Edmonton Fire Department said the fire was caused by a cigarette being put out in a plant that contained potting soil. The fire became uncontrollable leaving the entire 90 units in the apartment complex inhabitable. One resident in the complex has been hospitalized.

The Alberta Red Cross stepped in to help aid more than 30 families that have been displaced from the fire. Many more families are currently displaced yet are staying with friends and family members. The resident profile of the complex was mainly comprised of seniors and low income families. Most of these tenants/homeowners had to evacuate their homes with the clothing on their back as their was not much time for many residence to escape.

A tenant with MS and limited mobility struggled to escape the 4th floor of the complex, which was the floor where the fire initially started. In an act of true Canadian compassion and care fellow residents helped aid her down the stairs while the building was being burned down. Adjacent neighbours to the complex started to bring bottles of water to the displaced tenants as they watch the place they once called home burn to the ground.

The total loss of the complex is estimated to be around $14 Million. Unfortunately this is just one of  many examples of smoking causing significant damage. According to Edmonton Fire and Rescue Services as of July 29th, 2018 their have been 54 fires that are directly caused by smoking materials in 2018 within Edmonton. This has resulted in approximately $19.4 million in damages.

Although sympathy was given by many residence to whoever left the cigarette in the potting soil, their is an understandable level of anger for the resulting damage. It is assumed by many residents that the smoker did not know that potting sole can be flammable. Edmonton Fire and Rescue Services is now calling for criminal charges to be laid against the smoker who is yet to be identified.

There was some public outcry after the event to provide safe places for tenants to discard their cigarette butts in areas outside rental complexes. Their was also some outcry for the increased education to smokers about how to properly discard their butts after use. Even if these initiative were to be implemented their still would be a risk that someone will not follow the guidance being provided.

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We offer our deepest sympathies to the displaced residence of the Monticello Apartment Complex who lost virtually everything they owned because of a smoker.

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