Your Friends, Your Location, Your Party!

An InHail Vaping Event Host taps into their network of Herb Lovers to promote Healthy Herb Consumption. Their guests get an unique experience that allows them to sample the best Herbal Vaporizers in Canada provided by a professional InHail Vaping Consultant. The more friends that buy a vaporizer at an event, the better the prizes for the host! All in the comfort and convienience of their own home or specific location. Oh, and did we forget to mention that hosting is FREE!

1. Exclusive Promotions

With enough sales at a given event or party, an InHail Vaping Hosts will gain access to our exclusive host promotions! An InHail Vaping host can win prizes up to 50% off select vaporizers products, as well as up to $100 in select free gifts and promotions through!

Furthermore with enough sales from hosting an event, an InHail Vaping host gets added to our exclusive hosting promotional membership for an entire year! 

Being on our host membership list provides you with monthly offers of outstanding discounted promotion priced InHail Vaping products. These promotions are not available to the general public!

2. Try Before You Buy!

Get access to some of the best Herbal Vaporizers in all of Canada for free! Hosts do not have to pay any fees to try amazing vaporizers in the comfort of their own home or event. This ensures that a host gets to know which product works best for their herbal consumption.

A professional InHail Vaping Consultant provides the InHail Vaping Host and their guests with a selection of amazing demonstration vaporizers and products. This turns your party, get together, or event, into a fun and unique experience for everyone involved! 

3. Sit Back Relax And Host

Really. You’re providing the venue and the guest list, but the consultant handles most of the planning and product education. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun of an InHail Vaping Party with your friends! Simply pick  an education program and a proffesional InHail Vaping Consultant will do all the product education for you and your guests.

Host A Dry Herb Party!

This program focusses on the education of Dry Herb Vaporizers. Dry Herb Vaporizers are Vaporizers that you put your ground Dry Herbs into, and then turn them into Herbal Vapor.

A Professional InHail Vaping Consultant Conducting A Dry Herb Hosting Party Will Demonstrate

  • Combustion vs Vaporization.
  • What the best Dry Herb Vaporizer brands/products are on the market today.
  • Specific Product Education.
  • Heating styles Dry Herb Vaporizers can utilize and how they can uniquely effect your experience.
  • What the best warranties on the market are for dry herb vaporizers. 
  • How the user can get the most yields possible from their Dry Herbs.
  • Grinding and packing techniques.
  • Desktops vs Portables Vaporizers.
  • Maintenance and cleaning tips and tricks.
  • Dry Herb Vaporizer sampling!

Host A Herbal Concentrate Party!

This program focusses on transforming your Dry Herbs into tasty Herbal Concentrates. An InHail Vaping Consultant will showcase to the guests some of the best Concentrate Vaporizers in the world!

A Professional InHail Vaping Consultant Conducting A Concentrate Party Will Demonstrate

  • The benefits on Concentrates
  • Different types of Concentrates
  • How to turn your Herbs Into amazing Herbal Concentrates
  • How to get the most out of your Herbal Concentrates
  • What are the best vaporizer brands for Herbal Concentrates
  • Product education on specific vaporizer brands.
  • Cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks.
  • Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer sampling!

Host An Edibles Party!

An InHail Vaping Edible Party Focusses on Transforming Your Dry Herbs Into Delicious Edibles And Other Herbal Infused Products.

A Professional InHail Vaping Consultant Conducting An Edibles Party Will Demonstrate

  • The Benefits of Edibles
  • How to Make Your Own Edibles at Home
  • Interactive Cooking Recipes
  • The Benefits of Vaporizer Residue
  • Making Your Own Herbal Infused Vape Juices
  • Different Types Of Herbal Eatables
  • Herbal Edible Product Sampling

How The Application Process Works

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