Combustion VS Vaporization

Combustion is the process of burning something usually to a point that it chemically releases chemicals such as carbon monoxide into the air. This Carbon Monoxide is also mixed with a variety of chemicals called particular matter. Carbon Monoxide is the main reason that cigarette smoker and cannabis smoker have been found to have lower blood oxygen levels, a condition called chronic anemia. Increased amounts of Carbon Monoxide in low dosages over time has been linked to lung disease, and heart disease (although their is no direct link to these symptoms from cannabis as more research is needed).

Particular matters in smoke produce by Cannabis also contain numerous amounts of harmful chemicals. Some of the most abundant and disturbing being cyanide, and ammonia. In fact Cannabis in Canada has been shown to produce up to 20 times more ammonia when smoked than a cigarette.

Although there is limited amount of scientific research to claim the effects of vaporizing Cannabis is a healthier alternative as more research needs to be conducted, the harmful chemicals produced from combustion are very low when vaporizing compared to combustion Cannabis.

The goal of a vaporizer for dry herb products is ultimately temperature control and regulation. This leads to no combustion as the temperature will not heat the product past it’s smoke point.

If the vaporizer is of great quality like all of the top brand products sold on, the herbs being consumed will be heated to a level in which they will produce moisture and active medical ingredients. If the vaporozer heating the material is at too high of a temperature it will could produce smoke.

There are no real temperature controls on a joint, bong, or pipe. The materials in which the pipe, joint, or bong are used with (rolling papers, glass etc) can provide some temperature resistance, but that’s not enough to drastically reduce Carbon Monoxide from being produced (Water bongs actually do not reduce Carbon Monoxide as well).

The consumer can taste the difference! Once you try a dry herb vaporizer like the Pax 3 or a Crafty from, there is no going back to combustion for many users!

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