Turn Your Passion Into A Career Helping Others!

How many times have you heard someone talk about how much they love herb consumption, how many times have you said it yourself? An InHail Vaping Consultant promotes Healthy Herb Consumption through in person demonstrations of the best Herbal Vaporizers in the world! It might surprise you how switching to herbal vaporizer products can change your life and the lives of others.

An InHail Vaping Consultant gets to build the life they love with the freedom they want. Have your business work around your schedule and choose your hours, your goals, and your personal journey. Plus, you decide how you want to earn your income: through conducting vape demonstration parties, individual sales, commercial sales, and more.

When you love what you’re selling and sharing, it doesn’t feel like work. If you are a herb lover and a true connoisseur, you will love our zero combustion pure tasting vaporizer products. 

Success Made Simple With Your Own InHail Vaping Business!

Starting a business can be expensive and very risky. InHail Vaping has low cost solutions into starting your own herbal consulting business. We have a proven success model that gets you paid some of the best margins in the industry!

Simply purchase a business package from us which includes all the marketing materials, brand clothing, and accessories you need to be successful. Packages start as low as $599.99 and all items are sold at a wholesale price to the consultant! 

Plus all of our business packages include a selection of wholesale priced demonstration vaporizers from the best brands in the industry! 

These vaporizers are intended for you to showcase to your customers the amazing benefits of the product. Customers get a chance to sample your demonstration vaporizers to understand which vaporizer is best for them. Once a Herb Lover tries these amazing products, the vaporizers simply sell themselves giving you very high conversion rates!

Getting Your Hustle On Made Easy!

Give your customers and friends great promotions and a great experience, as we handle all the inventory, shipping, processing, and promotional giveaways for you. Meanwhile you get to make some of the best commisions in the industry!

We teach you all the tools you need to connect people with products that promote healthy herbal consumption. We do this through one-on-one tutorials from a professional InHail Vaping Consultant. The topics we educate consultants on include sales strategies, marketing strategies, and product awareness/education.

BEST OF ALL! We help market your InHail Vaping Business in your area for free! We work hard to give you the leads you need to easily convert them into profits by promoting your services, in your local area.

Have an interesting healthy herbal product that you want to share or create? Connect with us to learn how we can grow or launch your new or existing product(s) to our network of sales consultants all across Canada!

How The Process Works

  1. Click on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Fill out the easy online application.
  3. An InHail Vaping Consultant will be in contact with you through video chat or phone call to discuss your goals and see if we can help you accomplish them!
  4. We will process your exclusive product package (starting at $599.99!) and ship your demonstration products and merchandise to you.
  5. We give you an exclusive promo code to give discounts to customers and help easily track your sales through our website.
  6. An InHail Vaping consultant will provide you with sales training, marketing strategies, and product training.
  7. Start making sales and build your InHail Vaping Business! We will work to promote your services in your local area to help aid you in finding sales leads!
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